Keshian Invasion

Reunion and Revolution!

As Relik makes his way back towards Rillanon, Carter and Virgil are investigating a series of strange occurrences at a Traveling Menagerie just outside of the Capital.

Triumph and Tragedy

Confronting Dr. Grunell proved to be a mixed bag. He used strange sciences to counter your attacks and to send frightening amounts of power at you. Relik, seeing that the Doctor seemed to be manipulating things with the use of a metal Control Rod in his hand, decided to destroy it. He focused on it and discovered its weakness. Relik struck there as Carter and Virgil looked on. The area was engulfed in energy and when it was gone, only charred corpses remained. no longer hindered by the Doctor, Virgil ran to the body of his friend only to be greeted by a horrific sight. The burned skin split and sloughed away to reveal a fearsome power inside. A mad laugh echoed through the chamber. Carter’s fingers tightened on his bow string. He knew what was happening. With the death of Relik, the Lich Morganna was free at last. She lit Virgil afire, and only his quick thinking saved him from a painful death. Carter was quick to join him, diving into the roiling waters below them.
They washed up outside of Rillanon proper, and we saved by a kindly priest. They returned to the Bumbling Bugbear, and were hailed as heroes. They were surprised to see a familiar and unwelcome face in their room. Largo, the merchant from Fairweather, offered them a job. He gave them means to contact him when the job was complete.
Carter and Virgil were also offered a job with the traveling Menagerie outside of town. They went to investigate and spoke to the man leading the Carnival.
Meanwhile, Morganna was taunting Relik, who was now trapped inside his own mind and body. She traveled to an island off the coast of Westeros and eradicated everyone there, with the exception of one survivor. She banished the soul of this man, and deposited the soul of Relik in the man’s body. She laughed at Relik’s impotent rage, and flew off in a trail of fire. The man had charged Morganna with a sword, which now spoke briefly into the mind of the confused Sapper, saying that he would kill that witch no matter what. Relik also noticed that some measure of power had transferred from Morganna to him, as he now could see and partially manipulate magical energy. He built a crude raft and set out for the coast of Westeros to meet back up with the rest of his group and attempt to explain what had happened and how he had ended up in the body of a young lieutenant of the Kingdom Army.

Shady Acres Investigation

The trio of sappers decided improving their renown was the best way to make their way up the various city districts and get closer to their targets in the royal family. After their shaky interaction with the guards from their entrance into the city, the three agreed working in the city was their best approach for now. With a change of their clothes, they decided the Sanitarium was the best place to start. Upon arrival, the sappers announced themselves as the “Heroes of Fairweather” to Sergeant Polintus in an attempt to get on his good side. Though reluctant to accept outside help, he eventually agreed and called over Professor Grunell to speak with them. Rude and abrasive, the trio got very little out of him. He treated each individual like a fool, Relik eventually managed to trick the good doctor into getting tongue tied and leaving the men be. The sappers surveyed the grounds, Relik scanned the area with the magical eyes he had inherited looking to see any hints of magical aura or residues, but turned up with nothing but ancient calming Runes above several patient’s doors. The few eventually interviewed Grunell’s assistant Camdus briefly and eventually talked him into revealing he had released the first patient escapee, but only the first. Afterward they interviewed the nurses of Shady Acres and discovered there was another area underground where the more dangerous and unstable patients were kept. Next they spoke with the Orderlies, but they refused to speak without an outrageous bribe of fifty gold. (in this world, to have more than ten gold at a time is absolutely incredible) Grunell returned to harass the trio, angrily demanding they leave for disturbing his employees. After realizing no one likely had a chance to search this “hidden area”, Relik quickly motioned in their secret sign language to Vergil to steal the man’s keys. He tripped the rogue into the good doctor before he had a chance to respond. Grunell then simply began to scream, “OUT OUT OUT!” at the three before they made their way to the exit. Turning to Vergil, Relik inquired about the keys and discovered the only thing the man had on him was his purse, which he gladly took anyways. On their way out, Relik asked the Sergeant to request Camdus meet the sappers at the Bumbling Bugbear. After spending some time seeing the sights in town, the came back to their inn to hear a loud, “PSSSST” from the corner of the room. In the said corner was a cloaked man desperately trying to seem inconspicuous, but was obviously Camdus. They walked up to him and sat with him, requesting he let them into the secret room, but he refused to do such a thing. As he stood up to leave, Vergil managed to pick his pocket and steal the keys the three needed to get around the Sanitarium easily. They waited for him to leave, and then left themselves for Shady Acres. Stumbling across the Sergeant as he was about to leave, he asked the three what they were doing back. Vergil tried to think of an excuse, Relik simply stated, “We’re sneaking into the Sanitarium to do some looking around of our own. Our methods may be strange, but they’re effective.”
Polintus sighed before revealing a flask from inside his uniform and took several drinks from it. He simply replied in a slurred voice, “I’d go around the back, the guards there are usually playing dice.”
After sneaking past the guards and making their way over the walls and into the compound, they made their way inside and walked to the doctor’s office. Picking the lock to get inside, they noticed the set off a trap, quite possibly and alarm, so they decided to work quick. On the wall was a map of the area and all the rooms were labeled save for one. They decided to make their way to that one and passed the doctor’s personal room on the way there and noticed the trap set off a small alarm inside, but no one was there. Deactivating the alarm, they managed to get to the unnamed room in question which was presumably the secret chambers for the dangerous patients and made their way inside. After walking down two story’s worth of stairs, they came across several locked rooms on either side of a hallway, and a slightly ajar one at the end. Their observations came short however as the door behind them had opened and they quickly hid inside a nearby cell of an unconscious patient. While they did so an obviously nerve rattled Camdus walked by muttering to himself, presumably realizing his keys were lost.
Relik didn’t want their cover to be blown so he whispered, “Camdus.”
The assistant stopped in response and turned around before coming to the cell they were in. He then immediately locked the three inside. After a lengthy discussion and much convincing, Camdus finally let the three out before deciding to take off running. In that instant Relik shot forward and tripped the frightened man and repeatedly struck him to knock the man out. (non lethal damage) Walking toward the light at the end of the room, they came to a empty glass balcony overlooking what appeared to be a torture chamber of some type. Down below the sappers saw a crazed Grunell shocking one of his patients with a strange device demanding to know how they were escaping. Within the next few moments a cloaked man entered the room down below and held the doctor at knife point, looking up at the three he yelled, “This is between patient and doctor!” Before forcing him to leave the room. The door behind the three then closed behind them, and with no handle on this side of the room they were stuck. The three decided to break the glass beneath them and fall into the room down below, it was about a fifteen foot drop they each managed to land gracefully due to their training. Next, they took off after the pair, Carter leading the way with his incredibly tracking abilities. When they finally came to the pair, the cloaked man was dead on the ground with the doctor standing over him, energy surging through his body.

With a wicked smile, the doctor said mockingly, “Oh look, my would be rescuers.”

Roll for initiative!


Rillanon is the largest city in the Kingdom. As such, it has its share of beggers, whores, pick pockets, and such. Over the last six months, there have been a plague of madmen wandering the streets of the city. Some attacking city folk, or gibbering in the street. Others have been violently deranged, setting fires or lashing out at everyone around them. No one has been able to quite figure out why or how they have been escaping, and at this point, the sanitarium is ringed in city guards. The guard captain assigned to the case is Sergeant Polintus. The medico in charge of the asylum is Hermann Grunell. Shady Acres is a two story, large square building. It is walled and surround by guards. Inside the wall, there is a pleasant garden surrounding the building. There is a staff of ten people, including Grunell. Four are nurses, four are orderly to help manage the patients, and there is Professor Grunell and his assistant, Camdus Miller.


Entering in the Rillanon proved to be more difficult than the Sappers anticipated. After a thorough and prolonged chase, they escaped the guards and made their way to the Bumbling Bugbear, where they procured rooms. They found out several interesting rumors and starting planning their next step. They also found out that the innkeep, Aisel Tem, is powerful in Eledhel magics when Morganna reacted poorly to being near him. The Sappers decided to investigate the rumors of escapees from the city’s sanitarium, Peaceful Meadows.

The Story Thus Far

The Story Thus Far

Upon entering Westoros, The Sappers traveled to the city of Fairweather. They found the city under a pall of fear, being preyed upon by a killer called “The Skinner”. After an extensive investigation, they were able to uncover the identity of the Skinner, and ultimately killed him. During this, they were invited to Stenhold, the Duchy of the area. They were asked by the Duke to help rescue his daughters. The girls had been abducted by bandits. After slaying the bandit leader they were able to rescue one of the girls. Taking her back to her father, they realized they had made a mistake, as the daughter was a much more capable leader, and would create problems for them later on. They fixed their mistake and left her body to grow cold.
The Sappers then traveled to the river city of blargh1. Assuming the guise of a merchant and his bodyguards, they were able to meet up with a small network of other Keshian agents. Using the newfound resources, they were able to sow dissent and eventually were mixed up in an attack of pirates and merchant guards. The pirates left the city mostly destroyed and the Sappers were able to ensure the death of an important kingdom official.
After this, they continued down the river and came, at least, to the capital city of Rillanon. Now, for the end game for the sappers and the death of a King.


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