Keshian Invasion

Triumph and Tragedy

Confronting Dr. Grunell proved to be a mixed bag. He used strange sciences to counter your attacks and to send frightening amounts of power at you. Relik, seeing that the Doctor seemed to be manipulating things with the use of a metal Control Rod in his hand, decided to destroy it. He focused on it and discovered its weakness. Relik struck there as Carter and Virgil looked on. The area was engulfed in energy and when it was gone, only charred corpses remained. no longer hindered by the Doctor, Virgil ran to the body of his friend only to be greeted by a horrific sight. The burned skin split and sloughed away to reveal a fearsome power inside. A mad laugh echoed through the chamber. Carter’s fingers tightened on his bow string. He knew what was happening. With the death of Relik, the Lich Morganna was free at last. She lit Virgil afire, and only his quick thinking saved him from a painful death. Carter was quick to join him, diving into the roiling waters below them.
They washed up outside of Rillanon proper, and we saved by a kindly priest. They returned to the Bumbling Bugbear, and were hailed as heroes. They were surprised to see a familiar and unwelcome face in their room. Largo, the merchant from Fairweather, offered them a job. He gave them means to contact him when the job was complete.
Carter and Virgil were also offered a job with the traveling Menagerie outside of town. They went to investigate and spoke to the man leading the Carnival.
Meanwhile, Morganna was taunting Relik, who was now trapped inside his own mind and body. She traveled to an island off the coast of Westeros and eradicated everyone there, with the exception of one survivor. She banished the soul of this man, and deposited the soul of Relik in the man’s body. She laughed at Relik’s impotent rage, and flew off in a trail of fire. The man had charged Morganna with a sword, which now spoke briefly into the mind of the confused Sapper, saying that he would kill that witch no matter what. Relik also noticed that some measure of power had transferred from Morganna to him, as he now could see and partially manipulate magical energy. He built a crude raft and set out for the coast of Westeros to meet back up with the rest of his group and attempt to explain what had happened and how he had ended up in the body of a young lieutenant of the Kingdom Army.


Relik lay on his back, his hands cradling his head. Currently the sapper was letting the raft make its way to the coast to avoid expending too much energy; luckily the wind was on his side for now this day it seemed.


The word practically left a bitter taste in his mouth. Luck wasn’t a thing he intended to rely on; he believed counting on chance was not the safest route in life. In the time he had been a Sapper in Westeros, there seemed to be almost no end to the negative instances that occurred in Relik’s life. There seemed to be no end to the injuries he had received, he had been possessed by a Lich, he died TWICE, he had lost all of his gold in the sewers of Rillanon, and now here he was trapped in another man’s body while a fire Lich was free to do what she pleased in the world with his own.

On the other hand, he was still alive. Despite being “killed” twice, he was still in this world. The body he happened to inhabit was in great condition, very similar to his own. The man was obviously no slouch when it came to combat; Relik absently wondered if the two ever met who would win in a battle. Judging from his uniform he was not a simple grunt in the military either, he was a man destined to go places if he had the chance. Unfortunately thanks to Morganna, that chance never came.


The evil witch had finally broken free from Relik, despite his best efforts to control her. Now she was free, terrorizing the world all because Relik did not have the power to stop her. She was gone; the presence he was used to fighting for control was no longer looming over his shoulder. He humorously mused that hopefully this meant he could finally enter churches again and would quit bleeding from the eyes when around people like Aisle Ten. Despite her no longer being there, he could still feel something there. Contact from her soul seemed to have left its mark on his own, he could feel a measure of her power inside him. He toyed with the power in his mind, having an easier time accessing and manipulating it than before. It no longer felt like a defense mechanism when he was being injured, that was a good thing to be certain. He would need to learn how to control this power however, without it the world probably stood little of a chance against Morganna, let alone the magic world that was bleeding into this one. Then there was a matter of the blade imbued with a soldier’s soul. He didn’t even know the lieutenant’s name; he hadn’t said a word since the initial body swap. One thing was certain; he hated Morganna as much as Relik. The Witch from Westeros the Sapper encountered was an enemy to all; maybe he could use this to secure the blade’s assistance.

“I don’t know if you can hear me Islander, but you seem as bitter about the outcome of the Westeros Witch’s visit as I, if not more so. Know this, I know we will be crossing paths with her once more eventually, and when we do I plan to right these wrongs. I don’t know if I can do it without you. You have plenty of time to ponder the offer, do take your time.”

At this point, the current was working to push Relik away from the main land. He hadn’t considered a way to overpower it with his crude raft, so he simply dove into the water and began to swim to shore. Upon reaching land he worked to construct a small shelter and fire for the night from nearby driftwood and other vegetation before laying his clothes out to dry before the fire.

Triumph and Tragedy

Saved by my gold someone might say, who would have thought such a small pouch of metal would knock someone as sure-footed as me to the ground.

This is clearly my fault, If I had noticed this would happen I could have saved him and prevented
that from happen..

What was that..what did that doctor even do to him..We need to find our friend..we need to fix this before it causes a problem for Kesh.

I need to speak with Carter.

Morganna he says, He doesn’t know much..How could he not know about something
so vital as this, Something so unpredictable should always be measured.
If that is Morganna and our friend is dead, then we can only do one thing.
We have to hunt her down and kill her.

But she easily scarred my body, she almost killed me without a second thought
looks at scarred body..We need a way to battle her..We need, Magic.

Triumph and Tragedy

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