Keshian Invasion

The Story Thus Far

The Story Thus Far

Upon entering Westoros, The Sappers traveled to the city of Fairweather. They found the city under a pall of fear, being preyed upon by a killer called “The Skinner”. After an extensive investigation, they were able to uncover the identity of the Skinner, and ultimately killed him. During this, they were invited to Stenhold, the Duchy of the area. They were asked by the Duke to help rescue his daughters. The girls had been abducted by bandits. After slaying the bandit leader they were able to rescue one of the girls. Taking her back to her father, they realized they had made a mistake, as the daughter was a much more capable leader, and would create problems for them later on. They fixed their mistake and left her body to grow cold.
The Sappers then traveled to the river city of blargh1. Assuming the guise of a merchant and his bodyguards, they were able to meet up with a small network of other Keshian agents. Using the newfound resources, they were able to sow dissent and eventually were mixed up in an attack of pirates and merchant guards. The pirates left the city mostly destroyed and the Sappers were able to ensure the death of an important kingdom official.
After this, they continued down the river and came, at least, to the capital city of Rillanon. Now, for the end game for the sappers and the death of a King.



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