Keshian Invasion

Reunion and Revolution!

As Relik makes his way back towards Rillanon, Carter and Virgil are investigating a series of strange occurrences at a Traveling Menagerie just outside of the Capital.


Traveling was the bane of Relik’s time in this town. There were much better things he could be doing, his well trained patience was the only thing that kept his eager mind and body in check. To keep himself busy he made a makeshift sheath to hold the large curved blade he inherited to his back. The angry voice he heard from it several days before hand was still dormant, the silver blade and Relik’s memory being the only thing that suggested the events had actually happened. Ever since that day however he could feel something growing inside of him. A strength from something other than his body, something more. Relik just needed an appropriate reason to tap into it. The road he followed was one of the main paths to Rillanon, but for some reason it was sparsely occupied. Even going as far as to say that was stretching the truth, he’d occasionally seen a peasant or civilian of some type but they didn’t make eye contact. Eventually, however, everything began to change. Rillanon was seen in the distance over a dense wood, the moment Relik entered the forest he knew he was being watched. Looking forward he cautiously placed a hand on the blade instinctively instead of relying on his fists which he was used to. A whistle broke the silence of the wood as a dozen or so men began to step around trees and step onto the road.

“That’s a nice sword ya got there boy.” One spoke excitedly, “If ya wanna live, ya better hand it over.”

Relik turned to meet his gaze and waited for a moment. The more he eyed the man the more he felt he knew about him. In a simple moment, Relik knew more about the man and his character than one should be able to with a look alone, but for some reason Relik knew it was true. A smile began to creep upon his face.

“I’ll give you boys one chance. You can either agree to work for me-” He began, but was cut off by laughter from the bandits, “Or you can wind up as a pile of corpses for your boss and the rest of his bandit friends to come back to.”

The laughter immediately stopped and hushed whispers began to make their way around him. They were asking each other simple questions, “How’d he know the boss wasn’t with us?”, “Is this guy for real?” and then some. Words didn’t seem to affect them however, in a moment they began to draw their weapons and make their way toward him cautiously.

“Judgment has been declared.” Both the voice in the blade and Relik seemed to say in unison, “Guilty.”

The sword finally spoke after all this time, it was all the reason Relik needed to finally use the “gift” he had been left with. Pulling on the cloth harness strapped to his chest, the sword easily was lifted off his back with his incredible strength and held in a ready position before he shot forward toward the nearest bandit. Relik swung his blade in a wide arc at the man who brought his sword up to parry the blow. The force behind the strike however, both physically and magically, made quick work of the blade and cut through the brittle weapon like it were clay. The results were a headless man falling to his knees, dead. The fire in Relik’s eyes seemed to burn brightly as he ran towards the next foe, with a quick battle cry something similar to a shock wave seemed to shoot outward from him. The men around him began to actually catch fire, none were ready for such a random occurrence and began to panic. That moment’s panic was all that he needed, two, three, even four men fell to his blade in rapid succession. Dodging blows left and right from the scared men, the grace with which Relik moved was unnatural. From his experience with the body he now possessed he knew strength was his most powerful asset, so the speed he was being given was coming from something else. No one could match his unnatural skill with the curved blade, these bandits were jokes. The real threats were obviously else where, probably storing their loot.

Five, six, seven, eight. Relik thought to himself, That would make nine. Only a few remained, and at this point they obviously were having second thoughts. They finally managed to put themselves out, but it didn’t matter. Before they even had a chance to run, the Keshian Sapper was upon them to exact his judgment. With one left Relik made his way toward him. The man panicked immediately and shot a crossbow bolt aimed directly at Relik’s face, but he brought his arm up and let the bolt pierce his forearm. With a grimace, he ran the man through before re-“sheathing” his sword. Looking at the bolt he frowned before snapping off the bladed end and pulling the rest of it out. In the moment he removed the projectile from his body he saw the wound close up fairly quickly before becoming full once more.

“What… are you…?” The dying man asked from the ground, Relik looked at him and shrugged, “Something more.” He wasn’t quite sure himself anymore. He spent the next ten minutes or so looting what the bandits had on them, or at least what Relik deemed useful. He took the time to even wrap the silver blade in a roll of cloth to avoid further attention being drawn to it. Next was to leave the area before the remainder of the bandits returned, the last thing he wanted to do at this point was test his luck.

“Good work back there partner.” He spoke openly to the sword, but his only response seemed to be silence.

Reunion and Revolution!

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