Keshian Invasion


Rillanon is the largest city in the Kingdom. As such, it has its share of beggers, whores, pick pockets, and such. Over the last six months, there have been a plague of madmen wandering the streets of the city. Some attacking city folk, or gibbering in the street. Others have been violently deranged, setting fires or lashing out at everyone around them. No one has been able to quite figure out why or how they have been escaping, and at this point, the sanitarium is ringed in city guards. The guard captain assigned to the case is Sergeant Polintus. The medico in charge of the asylum is Hermann Grunell. Shady Acres is a two story, large square building. It is walled and surround by guards. Inside the wall, there is a pleasant garden surrounding the building. There is a staff of ten people, including Grunell. Four are nurses, four are orderly to help manage the patients, and there is Professor Grunell and his assistant, Camdus Miller.



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